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From the shores of Hilo

Lilipops Hawaiʻi is a family owned and operated small business on the Island of Hawaiʻi. Lilipops was started by two Hawaiʻi Island teachers who had a vision of creating a healthy alternative to the traditional fundraising items. Lilipops began as a fundraising effort to take a group of fifth graders from Hawaiʻi Academy of Arts and Sciences Public Charter School to Maui to compete in the “Greek Pentathlon.” The intention was to create a product that the students could participate in producing.


The students were involved in every aspect of the development of Lilipops. A contest was held to design the label; students gathered and planted lilikoʻi; health department certification and insurance requirements were researched; phone calls were made to various local businesses and our venture was off the ground. Lilipops were a hit and the trip to Maui was the culmination of the hard work and entrepreneurial spirit of this class of talented fifth graders. In fact, Lilipops were so successful that our team decided to turn it into a full fledged business. 


At Lilipops Hawaiʻi, we are motivated by our community and dedicated to its success. Since we began in 2016, thousands of dollars have been donated to various student endeavors across the island. Lilipops are more than just a healthy product. Each pop sold contributes to our mission of giving back to the children and our community. Join us!


It's what's on the inside that counts

As educators, we know that a healthy community starts with the children. Lilipops Hawaiʻi provides pop at a discounted rate to fundraisers for student endeavors and extracurricular activity. We have already facilitated fundraising efforts at six Big Island schools and numerous other after school activities. Four groups of those students traveled abroad in the last two years to New Zealand, Japan, Peru and Costa Rica. Additionally, we help baseball, soccer, swimming, track and football teams fundraise annually. Our community efforts continue as we encourage keiki to travel and expand their horizons to spread the Aloha spirit far and wide.

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